What are we seeking to accomplish?

We seek to bring the transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the good news of His Kingdom to El Paso, the Southwest and wherever our influence may extend.

How will we acheive our vision?

Christ the King will achieve her vision by winsomely evangelizing the lost, intentionally making mature, equipped believers, joyfully sending workers into the harvest fields through missions, church-planting and Christian education in order to extend the righteousness, justice and mercy of Jesus Christ to the whole earth.


Our Core Values

A Christ-centered, Gospel-driven ministry

  • A Kingdom Theology

  • A Scriptural Faith

  • A Sacramental Faith

  • An Historical Faith

  • Edification, Equipping, Education and Evangelism

  • Majestic and Reverential Worship

  • Missions and Church Planting