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Membership Information

Church Membership at Christ the King El Paso

If you are interested in formal membership at Christ the King, the process begins by attending our new member class or other approved orientation class, which we hold about twice each year. After completing the class, you must schedule a meeting with the elders of the church (the Session). In this meeting we will simply ask to hear a very brief account of your personal faith journey; how you came to know the Lord Jesus, and as to whether or not you have ever been baptized. At that time we will also answer any further questions you may have about our church. Please call 585-2264 or e-mail Pastor Chuck Isaac to schedule that meeting or if you have further questions.

Children, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion at CTK

If you have children that were not baptized as infants, but are still too young to make a credible profession of faith, yet you would like them to receive the Sacrament of Holy Baptism ...
If you have children that were baptized as infants and they would now like to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion ...
If your children have never been baptized nor received Holy Communion and are now old enough to make a credible profession of faith and would like to be baptized and receive Holy Communion, please see Pastor Chuck Isaac or one of the Ruling Elders. 
We have an information packet that includes our Communion policy with respect to children (which also serves for Baptism), as well as catechism materials for parents that both inform and help them prepare their children for this very important part of their faith journey.
Please see Pastor Chuck Isaac or one of our Ruling Elders for more information or if you have questions or would like to schedule a meeting with them.


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